Bessarabian/Romanian brothers who share name, nephew shares another uncle's name #general


Dear JewishGenners,
Some name puzzles:
My paternal grandfather's younger brother c. 1959-63 gave me a sort of
xerox copy of an old, short biography of their father (Israel Baruch born in
1853) showing the names of Israel Baruch's 4 siblings as well as the names
and birthdates of the 2 children who survived (i.e., my grandfather DAVID and
my great-uncle).
My g-grandfather, his 2nd wife, and his 2 sons arrived in NYC on Mar 17,
1888, stayed there about 2 weeks before going to Wisc.
This biography mentions that my g-grandfather had 3 older brothers & 1
sister:--all born in Bessarabia. 2 died in Bessarabia (names not important
here). The other 2 immigrated to the USA where they died and were buried:
David in Woodbine, NJ; Israel in Philadelphia, PA.
As you can see, there is an older brother called "Israel" and a younger
brother, i.e., my great-grandfather whose true name was "Israel Baruch." I
don't know how close the brothers were, but after his 2nd wife died, my
g-grandfather married a woman >from Philadelphia, PA, where his brother (had)
Then there are 2 Davids: my grandfather called"David Louis" in this
country and his uncle "David," another older brother of his father who may
have survived at least until the founding of the Woodbins, NJ colony.
1. Would Bessarabian/Romanian Jews consider "Israel" to be a name
distinct >from "Israel Baruch"? Would they consider "David Louis" to be
distinct >from David?
Or did they allow children to be named after living relatives?
By the way, according to this biography, my great-grandfather studied to
be a rabbi until ill health forced him to stop the course, so I'm reasonably
sure that he was somewhat religious (if that's important in name giving.)
Barbara Krauss - Portage MI

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