Re: Jettel in Grodno, 1866 #general

Diane Jacobs <kingart@...>

Dear Udi,
The Government of Grodno stands for Grodno Gubernia.
Your grandprents could have come >from Grodno or any
town within the Gubernia. There are several districts and
many towns and villages. I refer you to the Grodno Gubernia
website, located on rootsweb for more information and
follow up.

There is also a discussion group you can join on Grodno
Gubernia which you can subscribe to at:

I hope this helps.

By the way I have Rabinowitz family >from Kartuz Bereza,
Pruzhany District, Grodno Gubernia. My grandmother
Libbi Rabinowitz Glazer, her sister Beckie Rabinowitz
Cohen, and half brother Barney Joseph. All emigrated
around l905 >from Bereza.

Diane Jacobs
New York

Dear JewishGennrs.

The post just broughtme a certiffication ofnaturalization >from Londonfrom
1895, of my father's maternal grandparents:Joseph Mendel, age 29, subject
of Russia, having been born at Jettel,in the government of Grodno. And is
the son of Woolf and Jessie Rabinowich... etc.
from the "Ktuba",I learn that my G'grandmother was Nechama Chaia,daughter
of Rabbi Meir Silverstein.

Is there anything that can help me more in tracing Jettel, Grodno? Woolf
Rabinowich and so on.

Regards. Udi Cain.

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