Re: Jettel is Zhetel and also Dzyatlava #general


Dear JewishGen:

Udi Cain posted a message on Sept. 27, 2000 asking about a town called
"Jettel" in the Grodno District of Tzarist Russia.

The town mentioned on her documents as "Jettel, Grodno" is usually spelled
"Zhetel" and is now in Belarus. It was called "Dzienzciol' in Polish and is
now spelled "Dzyatlava" on the map.

It is still difficult and frustrating to do research on Zhetel; however, a
very small group of Zhetel records were found in the Bialystok Archives in
Poland and are now indexed in the Jewish Records Indexing - Poland Project's
database. You can do a search there at:

Please contact me privately for more information on Zhetel. Udi joins a
large and enthusiastic group of researchers who are interested in this very
special town. (Some of my best friends are Zhetlers)

Best wishes for a Happy New Year.
Robinn Magid
A Zhetler by Marriage

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