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That's interesting; "shobbes" also happens to be the Anglo-Jewish
Correction: It was *an* but not *the* Anglo-Jewish pronunciation. It was
always "shabbes" in the North and Scotland where Litvak immigrants

It rhymes with "lobbes" -- Anglo-Yiddish for "naughty boy"
-- usually called a "mazzik" by American Jews). In fact, we had a
little song when I was a kid, which (sung to a well known Latino
melody, I
think) went like this:

He is a lobbes -- he is a lobbes --
He takes the shikses /to the pictures/ on the shobbes!
The rhyme that I remember went as follows:-

The boy stood on the burning deck
His father called him lobbes
Because he wouldn't wash his dirty neck
To go to shul on shabbes !

Murray Freedman

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