Re: GEIDUSCHEK graves - was: help with Yiddish translation #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Ellie Carson wrote: <I appreciate the help >from Reuben Gross with the
Hebrew translation of the tombstones I posted. He tells me there is
Yiddish on them that he cannot translate. Can anyone out there help
with the Yiddish? The files are on ViewMate:
VM8298, VM8299, VM8300>

I would like to make four points about this posting, so that we can
all get maximum benefit >from it:
1 The Viewmates are now to be found in the *archives* section - you
will have to type in their numbers to find them.

2. Who was in these graves?
VM 8298 is for Jacob GEIDUSCHEK - Ellie's gt-grandfather
VM 8299 is for Karoline GEIDUSCHEK nee? Ellie's gt-grandmother
VM 8300 is for Golda ? nee? Ellie's gtgtgrandmother

3. Where are these graves located?

There are about 25 GEIDUSCHEK graves in Vienna and we may be missing
important links.

4. Yiddish is not a language most of us Austria-Czech Siggers are
familiar with in written form although we may understand it when
spoken; luckily we do have two real experts in out midst and I will
forward the posting to them, just in case they have missed it!

If you post such a request, it is essential to tell us these vital
facts so that we can relate it to our SIG and find possible links.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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