Re: Amsterdam and Vilna Gaon #belarus

Sylvia Schildt <creativa@...>

I read recently that that the Vilna Gaon (1720-1797) got to Holland in his
vain attempt to make Aliya to Eretz Yisrael. When he returned to Vilna he
may have brought a number of Jewish artisans with him >from Amsterdam, one
of the main Hebrew printing centres in Europe and the skill was taken from
there to Vilna.
Other artisans may have followed.

I am trying to fill in a gap about my BASSON family, probably originally
Portuguese Sephardim (who came to Amsterdam after the Portuguese Expulsion,
in the 1520's) and who we can place for sure in Vilna by the 1850's. If
Bassons were among these artisans, or in subsequent waves of immigrations
from Holland to Vilna that would mean they were established in Vilna for
about 100 years, give or take.

Does anyone have information about lists or other materials documenting
immigration >from Holland to Lithuania ?

Sylvia Schildt
Baltimore, Maryland

This is sent out although it does not appear to have any
specific relation to Belarus, however, it is interesting
and might eventually have bearing on Belarus research.

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