Sucha, Poland #general

Joyce Eastman <wldwoman@...>

My maternal grandmother was born in Sucha, Poland. How do I find out which
shtetl this is, since there appears to be more than one Sucha, Poland? She
was born on April 26, 1880. I am trying to find out more information about
her parents (my greatgrandparents), but have been unable to do so. Any

Joyce Eastman
Orange City, FL USA

FRANKL/FODOR-Trencin,Slovakia; Austria-Hungary; Vienna,Austria WEISZ-
Trencin,Slovakia;Austria-Hungary SCHEIER-Sucha,Poland and Berlin,Germany
RUFEISEN-Sucha,Poland KOHN - Trencin,Slovakia and Austria-Hungary
KOVACS-Trencin,Slovakia and Austria-Hungary GROSSMANN-Trencin, Slovakia;
Piestany,Slovakia;and Austria-Hungary GORGES/PORUBSKY-Trencin,Slovakia;
Bratislava,Slovakia;and Austria-Hungary FLEISCHMANN-Trencin,Slovakia;

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