A Problem with Dates #general

Don Einbinder <donjein@...>

Not knowing much about my mgf, Harry BARASCH, I went to the National
Archives in Pittsfield, MA. There, in the Brooklyn, NY census of 1920,
I found the family and all the information listed alongside. It said
that he arrived in the US in 1909, and the rest of the family in1911.
While there, I found the petition numbers for his naturalization and
that of an aunt and uncle. I then sent for the papers and they arrived

The petition says that he arrived in 1907, and an attached certificate
from the bureau of naturalization confirms 1907. Other dates on the
petition, such as children's birthdates, are wrong.

So, what do I believe, the census or the petition?

Don Einbinder
Tamarac, FL


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