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Date: Thursday, October 19, 2000 2:50 AM
Subject: Rovna Poland or Russia

George, as I understand it, Rovna was part of Russia up to the time
of the Russian Revolution. After World War I, Rovna was administered
by Poland.

My grandparents, Zus (Samuel) NARODETSKY and Golda HENDELBERG NARODETSKY
lived in Rovna until 1921, when they came to America on a Polish passport.

Steve Schwartz,
Dover, Delaware USA

Also searching:

HAUPTMAN, of Drohobych in Eastern Galicia, now Western Ukraine
KIMELHEIM, of Drohobych (Galicia / now Ukraine) and >from Budapest,Hungary
NARODETSKY, of Rovno in old Volhynia District, Ukraine (and >from Kiev).
HENDELBERG or HANDELBERG, of Annopol (near Rovno) in old Volhynia District,
Ukraine.FISCHER, of Budapest (or Grosbedan or Yanashee),Hungary. SCHWARTZ, of
Vienna, Austria; Nagy Totfalu and Mateszalka, Hungary.

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