Re: A Problem with Dates #general


In a message dated 10/20/00 10:12:47 PM, Judith Romney Wagner writes:

<< Come to think of it, how do I even KNOW I was born on March 8, 1933? >>

Good point. Our daughter has two birth records with birth dates differing by
1 year. She was born in 1970, but the certifying doctor erroneously wrote
1969 on the record that was filed with the County Health Department, and sent
on to the State capitol in Sacramento. When I discovered the error I had the
County record corrected to read 1970, but there is no mechanism for the
County to have the State record changed. Only I can do that, and I must pay
for the change. And I won't pay to correct the error made by the State. So
my daughter can chose where she gets her certified birth record, and thereby
when she was born.

Bob Weiss in Northridge, CA

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