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Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


Town Rovne in Russian Empire's Volhynia Gubernia became a part of the
independent Poland's Wojewodstwo (Province) Wolynskie >from 1918 till 1939,
when Soviets invaders took it over. Under Poland's administration town name
was known as Ro'wne (ruh vneh). Currently town is renamed as Rivne in
Ukrainian. In all three languages town name is translates as "straight".

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

"George Heister" <heister@...> wrote in message

My friend's father (Abraham Segal--originally Cygielnik) came to the
United States in 1913. His city of birth was Rovna Russia. His sister
arrived in America in 1922. Her naturalization records lists her place
of birth as Rowna, Poland. As there are a few different shtetls with
similar names, I was wondering if anyone can locate a shtetl named Rowna
that was part of Russia in 1913 and then became part of Poland by 1922.
Any help would be appreciated.

Bernice Berman Heister

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