Grandmother in a London cemetary #general

Mike Ross <nister@...>

Help Please !!!!!

I need help >from someone who lives in London & who goes to some of the old
cemetaries and would not mind helping someone >from Australia.

I need to know the hebrew names and dates of my late great-grandmother, as
well as the name of her father. I have finally found information about the
village where this part of my family come >from (Anyksciai Lithuania) and
those that lived there between 1800 and 1858 but I need to know what is on
her grave in order to connect her to one of the families I have come across.

My major problem is that I do not know which cemetary she is buried in.

Her name was Esther GREENBERG nee TABACHOVICH. She died according to my
father around 1945. Her husband was Louis GREENBERG. Her children were
Millie (my grandmother), Debbie, Harry & Diane.

If anyone is able to help I would appreciate. All I want to know is her
hebrew name and that of her father. If by the by you also come across any
information abiut her husband I would appreciate as well.

Mike Ross

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