Etsi issue 9 (Sephardi Genealogical and Historical Review) #general


Our 9th issue has just been sent to subscribers. Following is a summary of
the main articles of this issue:

"Jewish genealogical research in Alexandria (Egypt)":
Richard Leon recently travelled to Alexandria (Egypt) and presents which
genealogical information can be found in the Jewish archives and cemeteries.

"The genealogical story of the Modiano family >from 1570 to our days":
Mario Modiano, former Athens correspondent of The Times of London, presents
a pre-publication summary of his book devoted to his family >from 1570 to
our days.

"Benefits and damage of Internet: for a deontoly in genealogy":
Laurence Abensur-Hazan gives some headlines for the use of internet for
genealogy, in order to avoid unpleasant results. A reflection should be
held on the subject of deontology in Jewish genealogy, and an ethics
committee could be created.

"About the Italian nationality or protection of the Jews of Smyrna
(Turkey)" Many Izmir Jews were Italian citizen. A letter, dated 1920, of
the Alliance school director, gives an explanation about this fact: the
Italian authorities gave easily their protection in order to promote a
Judeo-Italian school that was forecast.

BOOKS recently published:
- "Registre matrimonial de la communauté juive portugaise de Tunis
(1843-1854)", by Robert Attal and Joseph Avivi (Jerusalem, Ben Zvi
Institute, 2000)
Two of the ten marriage registers kept by the Portuguese Jewish Community
of Tunis between 1754 and 1917 have already been published in 1989 (years
1788-1823 and 1853-1878). The present publication concerns a third marriage
register >from 1843 to 1854 (233 marriages).
- "Les Juifs de l'Afrique du Nord. Demographie et onomastique", by Maurice
Eisenbeth (Algier, 1936; Paris, Cercle de Genealogie Juive and La Lettre
Sepharade, 2000)
This reference book has just been reedited. Its main genealogical interest
is the almost complete list of roots of the Jewish names of Northern
Africa. However, the explanation of the origine of the names, when given,
is sometimes wrong or conjecture.
- " Rhodes un pan de notre memoire", by Moise Rahmani (Paris, Romillat, 2000)
The author gives an overview of Jewish life in Rhodes before its
destruction by the Nazis. The book contains many photographs of great

A general index by names and places is published on the last cover page
of the review.

Philip Abensur (Paris, France)
Etsi -Sephardi Genealogical and Historical Society-

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