First Tarnopol Birth Indices Available on JRI-Poland Database #general

Mark Halpern <Willie46@...>

The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland project to index 19th Century records
for East Galicia that are held at the AGAD Archives in Warsaw has produced
its first results.

Approximately 6,000 Births >from the Tarnopol birth registers covering
years >from 1866 to 1881 are now online at the JRI-Poland website. It is
likely that other small towns and villages in close proximity to Tarnopol
registered their vital events in Tarnopol. I was surprised to find a birth
record for my great aunt, whose marriage record >from Kozlow showed that
she was not born in Tarnopol.

For those of you who have used the JRI-Poland database and have ordered
records >from the Polish State Archives, good luck in your search.

For those who have not used the database or have not ordered records from
the Polish State Archives, here are detailed instructions.

1) Access the JRI-Poland homepage at <>;.
2) Click on "Search the database."
3) Input the following information.
a) Surname
b) using "Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex"
c) Gubernia = "All" [If you want to search ALL of Galicia, including
Polish Galicia, then select "Galicia" here]
d) Province = "Ukraine" [This along with "All" for Gubernia will search
ONLY Ukrainian part of Galicia]
e) Town = "All" [You could alternately input "Tarnopol" here]
f) Do not input into the rest of the form.
4) Click on "Start Search"
5) A list of indexes with matching Surnames will appear. In most cases,
the index will have both Father's and Mother's Surnames. Please note that
Father's Surname will appear in either of the columns headed as "Surname"
or "Fathersurn."
6) Copy the entire results page or write down all the information for
those index entries of interest.
7) At the bottom of this list, you will see headings "Datafile" and "(LDS
Films / contact information)." Under "(LDS Films / contact information),"
click on "Click here for more information." This will take you to "Special
Search Results Message for indices to records from: Tarnopol (now
Ternopol, Ukraine) and other towns in the AGAD branch of the Polish State
8) After reading this page, click on the hyperlinked "special
instructions," which is about midway down the page. This will take you
to "Special Instructions for ordering copies of records >from the PSA."
9) Be sure to read these instructions. Then click on the
hyperlinked "order form," which you will find in the second paragraph.
This will take you to the "JEWISH VITAL RECORDS - Order Form."
10) Completely fill out the Order Form. When inputting the Tarnopol Birth
record of interest to you, be sure to accurately copy the index
information >from your search results.
a) Town / Fond # = Tarnopol / 300
b) District or Signature = number >from Signature column at far right of
the search results page
c) Year = year >from Year column
d) Type = B >from Type column
e) AKT no. or Page = number >from AKT or Page column
f) Surname, Given names = >from Surname and Givenname columns (place
surname first in CAPS followed by given name). If no surname in the
Surname column, use surname >from Fathersurn column.
11) Click "Create order form" button at bottom of input form, which will
show your order form. Read and follow instructions for payment on the
bottom of the form. The address of the AGAD Archives is at the top of
this form.
12) Relax and wait for the records to arrive. We at JRI-Poland hope that
you find multiple successes with this new addition to the database.

To find out how you can help accelerate the addition of further indices to
the Tarnopol database, please see our webpage at
<>; or contact me at
<>. The webpage also lists the other 12 towns whose vital
records registers are part of the Tarnopol Area project.

Good luck in your searches. If you do find success, please write to me
and/or post your successes to this forum.

Mark Halpern
AGAD Project -- Tarnopol Area Coordinator
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organization under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
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