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Gurtler <gurtler@...>

Here is a suggestion. I have noticed that there is some mechanism whish
"changes" quote marks into asterisks. If this being done automatically,
perhaps the SS could be automatically changed to Social Security.

David and Tina Gurtler
Jerusalem, Israel

From: "Judith Romney Wegner" <>
After all our recent discussion about avoiding the use of the
abbreviation SS to refer to social security, I can hardly believe that
someone just posted a message which referred -- of all things -- to "the
ss death register" (or maybe it was "the ss death index" -- I forget
which and cannot retrieve the message which I trashed immediately).

Believe it or not, in the fraction of a second that it took to read those
words, I automatically assumed that the writer was referring to an actual
SS death register -- and did not realize my mistake until I had finished
reading the message!

Younger Jgenners may find it difficult to empathize with this, but it
really is an automatic and very unpleasant gut reaction that many seniors
do have to those initials -- especially when followed immediately by the
word "death" as happened here! So, please, please, please, could we make
a point of saying and writing either SSA or Soc.Sec.-- both of which
were suggested during the recent discussion. Thank you for your
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