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Hi Joyce,

There are indeed dozen of Sucha (means "Dry") shtetls spread over the
Poland. Towns names are probably derived >from the their residents behavior,
who have quit drinking popular alcoholic beverages.

To find out >from which particular Sucha your family has originated, you
have few choices:

1. Easy and expensive
Hire a professional researcher

2. Difficult, long, but less expensive

2a. Eliminate 'bad' Sucha players since at list four Sucha were German
towns before the end of WWII, they were renamed Sucha just 50+ years ago
2b. Write letters to Archives to main district town were all remaining
Sucha are located and get some results

3. Easy and free

To borrow (book is out of print) >from someone Gary Mokotoff's/Sallyan Amdur
Sack's "Where Once we Walked", popularly known as WOWW excellent Jewish
gazetteer, and to learn >from those book that Jewish people used to reside
in only three Sucha in Poland. In contrast to Eastern Galicia or Germany,
where Jews were residing in nearly every small dorp, in regions of Central
Poland and the western Galicia, Jews used to live in common shtetls.

Lets now check what WOWW saying about Sucha in Poland.

3a. Sucha #1 Krakow Province
3b. Sucha #2 Sucha (near Radom)
3c. Sucha Beskidzka (#3) - ex Galicia territory.

[Quotes >from copyright-protected book deleted -- Moderator]

from there we can make an semi-intelligent deduction:
If your ancestors were carrying Russian travelling passport or they have
declared their origin country as Russia, they are >from Sucha near Radom.
But if on the other hand they were traveling on the Austrian passport, or
have declared their country of origin as Austria, they are real
Galitzyaners and you should join immediately Gesher Galicia discussion

To confirm this speculations you should write to Radom and Krakow archives
and ask them to search for the records.

But since there are no indications that list of your relatives have any
connections to Russian Poland, but to Slovakia and Austro-Hungary, I'll bet
you on your contribution to JewishGen that your Sucha is one in Galicia.

I haven't finished yet.

Lets now leave Sucha near Radom alone and concentrate on two Sucha in
southern Poland: Sucha near Krakow and the "lost" somewhere Sucha Beskidzka.

Only Sucha located in Krakow area is situated at 5020 1947, NNW 18.2 miles
Krakow. This is not Sucha that WOWW has mentioned.

Lets analyze other Sucha, the elusive Sucha Beskidzka.

If your click in ShttelSeeker for Sucha SSW >from Krakow under coordinates
4944 1936 your will noticed that this Sucha has changed it's name to Nowy
Swiat (New World), and I have no idea when this name change took the place.

But when you look into good Polish newest map atlas this Sucha is
identified as *Sucha Beskidzka*. This is where our Jewish shtetl has been hidden.

In conclusion, Sucha described in WOWW is also known as elusive Sucha
Beskidzka at 4944 1936, 28 miles (45 km) SSW >from Krakow, and probably also
known as Nowy Swiat, according to the ShtetlSeeker, which is not confirmed
by the new Polish maps, which still recognized this place as Sucha

This is confirmed by the other sources:

Sucha Beskidzka, Poland Page
Latitude 49.7333 Longitude 19.6000 Altitude (feet) 1640
Lat (DMS) 49° 43' 60N Long (DMS) 19° 36' 0E Altitude (meters) 499

Good luck with your search.

Alexander Sharon
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"Joyce Eastman" <wldwoman@...> wrote
My maternal grandmother was born in Sucha, Poland. How do I find out
which shtetl this is, since there appears to be more than one Sucha,
Poland? She was born on April 26, 1880. I am trying to find out more
information about her parents (my greatgrandparents), but have been
unable to do so. Any suggestions?

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