Re: A lack of Hebrew on gravestones in London - how strange! #general

robert.gleek <robert.gleek@...>

Dear Sheila,
Edmonton has two Jeiwsh cemeteries - a United and a Federation.
There has been a lot of mindless vandalism at the Federation site recently
(kids, rather than racists we believe) - but a recent visit there proved
very distressing.

I am not sure what point you were making in your reply, but having been to
both cemeteries - as well as others including Waltham Abbey, Bushey,
Cheshunt & Edgwarebury Lane I can confirm that stones are nearly always in
Hebrew & English.

In fact I have only ever seen one stone that was totally in English (my
ggrandmother) - at the Willesden Liberal Cemetery. Another ggrandfather is
buried in Carterhatch Lane, Enfield - and his stone is totally in Hebrew..

Daniel Gleek

SHEILA TOFFELL <toffell@...> wrote in message

I have photo of my Grandfathers stone, which is in Edmonton, set in 1945.
It is of a very utilitarian style, with basic wording, but there is still
Hebrew there. It is possible that during the two world wars there was a
dearth of people to engrave the stones much past the English. But, having
grown up in the UK, and still having strong ties there, I can tell you
that things change very slowly in the mainstream of Judaism, outside of
the more liberal factions. I would hazard a guess that most practices of
the United Synagogue, which has the majority of members,is 20 years
behind that of the Conservative movement in the US, at least as far as
egalitarianism and rituals are concerned. I don't think that there would
have been a trend towards no Hebrew, unless it was among the more
assimilated Jews. It would be interesting to compare notes on different
areas - for example the cemeteries in Edmonton, North London and the
ones in East London,as opposed to those in NW London, in the newer and
more affluent suburbs.

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