Confiscated Art Heirs Search #general


Olga Freund Hoppe and Berta Freund Sieben lived in Chicago in 1949
according to documents. Their addresses were **** Winthrop Avenue and
**** West 28th Street.

I have been told that these two women and/or their families could recover
art work presently held in the Czech Republic; however, if these heirs are
not found by the end of the year 2001, this art work will be nationalized.

I have no personal interest in this effort. The reason that I am searching
for them is because I have had so much help in my efforts to recover
confiscated art belonging to my family and I have been successful;
therefore, I feel a strong responsibility to assist others if I can.

Please search your records and let me know if you could provide any useful


Thekla Stein Nordwind

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