Zelchow Warshower Progressive Society/Cemetery plots #general


I'm trying to get in touch with a surviving (living) member of the Zelchow
Warshower Progressive Society that my Zayde belonged to. They had several
burial plots at Beth David Cemetery/Elmont Cemetery in Elmont, New York.

Zayde owned five of the plots but three are going unused because his
children, whom they were meant for, want to be buried in other places.
We're trying to transfer title of the plots to grandchildren who might
want to use them.

1. Has anyone had experience transferring burial plots that officially
belonged to a fraternal organization?

2. Does anyone know where the following people are who are connected with
Zelchow Warshower Progressive Society:

Leonard Gurstein, last address, **** Halyard Drive, Merrick, NY
Molly Fruchtenberg, last at **** W. 12th St., Brooklyn, NY

I did not find them listed on the SSDI. And I checked phone
directories and wrote to the old addresses.

3. Does anyone know anyone else connected to Zelchow Warshower Progressive

You can e-mail me at <LJBialik@Aol.com>

Thank you everyone.

Loren Bialik

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