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Joan Breslow requested the name of the school for deaf persons that my
grandfather Hirsch Friedman and/or my grandmother Annie Zeidelman, attended.
1920-Confirmation(?) held at H.A.D.(?)-Fernwood School of the Deaf, White
Plains, N.Y. formally located at Fort Washington Ave. & 163rd St., New
York, NY.

If anyone knows anything about any of these places or how I might access
records >from any of them (especially if they don't exist anymore) or if
anyone knows what the initials H.A.D. might have stood for or what
"confirmation" might have meant, please e-mail me directly at:

Thank You.
Vicki Ina Friedman

163 St & Fort Washington Ave is a residential area and has been for at
least 40 years (since I lived there as a child). I don't know of any place
that could match what you are looking for, *but* there is the
Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center located right nearby (165 - 168 St.).
Also - at 99 Fort Wachington Ave, (which might be 163 St.) there used to be
a hospital which I think was not affiliated then with Col-Pres, known as
the Francis Delafield Hospital. This may have some connection with what you
are looking for.
Good luck.
Jane Vogel-Kohai
Jerusalem Israel

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