Searching for Canadian (or American) Jews whose families were denied entry into Canada during WW2 #general

Merle Kastner <merlek@...>

Searching for Canadian Jews whose families were
denied entry into Canada during WW2

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in conjunction
with Radio-Canada is producing a sixteen part documentary
series on the history of Canada. The series is called
Canada: A People's History and has already premiered
on Sunday, October 22nd. The series chronicles the lives
of Canadians >from all walks of life through personal testimonies.

In the process of preparing the documentary on WW2, one
of our segments would include the government's attitude towards
European Jews during the war years. We turn to the Jewish
communities throughout Canada in helping us find people
who have personally experienced or know of families whose
relatives >from Europe were denied access into Canada during the war.

Those interested in speaking to our production staff may
contact us directly at 416-205-3152 (call collect for long distance)
or by fax at 416-205-3199 or by email at

Our mailing address:
CBC - The Canadian History Project
Attention: Roma Andrusiak
Room 5A316
Box 500, Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 1E6

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