Re: Garber - Canada and U.S. - AOL problem #general

Stanley Diamond

In a message dated 27 Oct 2000 16:57:57 GMT, Marilyn Abigt writes:


I attempted to reply to Elias in Russia but his mail address was rejected.
If you are out there Elias, please respond with a better e-mail address.

Marilyn Abigt
Fallbrook, CA
This is an AOL problem; I have been having the same difficulty
communicating with Elias. As a result, I send my messages to
him via a friend. His messages, on the other hand, get through
to me without problems. I suggest Marilyn and others do the same.

Because, over the years others have had similar difficulties with
overseas providers rejecting mail >from AOL, I would like to quote
from a message received on 16th October >from a knowledgeable
AOL Canada official after several efforts had been made to resolve
the issue:

"We have not closed the issue and currently have a ticket open
on the problem, although all leads continue to point to the server
on their side. I will keep you up to date on our progress."

I will post a message if/when the problem is resolved.

Stanley M. Diamond, Montreal
"Genealogy with an extra reason" ... Beta-Thalassemia Research Project

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