Lithuanian records: son has father's first name? #general

Roy Ogus <ogus@...>

In several Lithuanian vital records for the town of Paberze, I have
found a reference to a person who has the name Yankel ben Yankel
(SURNAME). In other words, this person has the identical given name to
his father. The records were for the period 1840 - 1860.

This is a most unusual naming pattern in this Ashkenazic family or for
that matter in any records of this community that I have seen.

One situation that I can envison is that the father died during the
mother's pregnancy, and when the child was born, he was named for his
deceased father. Has anyone heard of this situation before?

Can anyone think of any other explanations for this unusual naming

Thanks for any ideas.

Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California, USA

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