Re: son has father's first name? #general

Kirsten Gradel <kmgradel@...>

I am now wondering (for the first time!) whether, if a woman dies
giving birth to a daughter who survives, the daughter is named for
the mother? I have never heard this discussed.

With near certaincy I have such a case >from Plock 1814.

I wondered about a marriage >from 1835 where the bride was Haia Sura,
daughter of Abraham and Haia Sura and popped a question to this group
whether a girl would get the mother's name if the mother died before the
child was named. Several Genners confirmed this hypothesis as a likely
explanation - and records found later seem to confirm this.

Kirsten Gradel, Denmark

P.S. Is it fair to call Esau a troublesome twin brother of Jacob, "me
thinks" Jacob was more trouble to Esau than the other way round, cheating
him out of his first-born's right? :-)

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