Yizkor Book Project update #general

Joyce Field <jfield@...>

September and October 2000 update

Because of travel and the holidays, the activity reports for
September and October 2000 for the Yizkor Book Project have been
combined. There are now 245 separate entries: in this two-month
period 8 new books and 18 updates were put on the web site at

New Entries:

Berlin,Germany: Jews who died in Berlin 1943-45
Borken, Germany
Kurzeniec, Belarus
Ozernyany, Ukraine
Priluki, Ukraine
Radauti, Romania: "Mayne kinder-yorn in shtot fun hurbn"
Sopotkin, Belarus
Warta, Poland


Bolekhov, Ukraine
Buchach, Ukraine
Bukowina Region: Geschichte der Juden in Der Bukowina
Drogiczhn, Belarus
Drohobycz, Ukraine
Juerchen, Germany
Krynki, Poland
Kurzeniec, Belarus
Novyy Yarchev, Ukraine
Przemsyl, Poland
Radzymin, Poland
Rokiskis, Lithuania
Rozhniatov, Ukraine
Sochaczew, Poland
Stawiski, Poland
Zabludow, Poland

Let me remind you again of the translation projects that need your
financial support. Contributions can be made online at
<http://www.JewishGen.org/JewishGen-erosity/YizkorTrans.html>; or you
can print the form to be included with a contribution that can be
mailed to JewishGen. Please consider an additional contribution to
JewishGen, which provides administrative and infrastructure support

to these projects at no charge.

Bolekhov, Ukraine
Buchach, Ukraine
Chelm, Poland
Czyzew, Poland
Dokshitsy, Belarus
Drogichin, Belarus
Gargzdai, Lithuania
Goniadz, Poland
Gorodenka, Ukraine
Gorodok, Ukraine
Kremenets, Ukraine
Lancut, Poland
Przemysl, Poland
Pulawy, Poland
Rozhnyatov, Ukraine
Rzeszow, Poland
Slutsk, Belarus
Sochaczew, Poland
Stawiski, Poland
Telekhany, Belarus
Wolbrom, Poland
Yedintsy, Moldova

We now have 1041 different books entered in our datbase and there are
7,540 entries for books held by major libraries.

We are in need of a person to do data entry for the Library database
who has Access 97. If you are interested, please contact John Berman
at jberman@jewishgen.org.

Due to the extraordinary diligence of our html staff, our queue is
now manageable. So if you have been waiting to donate newly
translated material to us, no need to wait any longer. Please
contact Joyce Field at jfield@jewishgen.org.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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