AuctionHouse Books! #general

Carol Isaak

Wow. Look what 's happened while I've been away.

I've just returned >from a week at the FHL in Salt Lake City with the
annual Jewish Genealogy Research Trip (with the always amazing team of
Mokotoff and Polakoff)... to find that there is a plethora of fine
research items for sale at the AuctionHouse! There are Yiskor books
from Rakishok, Chelm, and Rieteve. What a trove of names and information
for the person researching those towns!

Don't miss your chance. Go right now to
and put in your bid. This could be the very source that will solve the
family mystery you've been trying to solve.

Carol Isaak
AuctionHouse Project volunteer

PS I see there is also an autobiography of a man >from Svislac in Belarus.
This would be invaluable to someone who's interested in what it was like
growing up in that part of Russia. Get your bid in before it's too late...

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