Lithuanian records sources? #general

Irene Newhouse <newhoir@...>

A professional researcher in Vilnius has found some interesting references
that he doesn't know how to follow up [and is pretty sure they're not in

2 of my relatives were made members of the merchants 2 guild, & in 1915
were stricken >from the list for failure to present some form. The
researcher suspects they may have left town due to WWI - there were
armies fighting 100 km >from Vilnius at the time - or that the war
disrupted business to the point they couldn't pay the tax required to
remain in the merchant 2 guild. The records indicate
a reference number to the striking off in the records of the 'Treasury' or
'Treasurer' of Vilna Guberniya. Does anyone know about such records &
how one obtains copies?

The second reference: in a family list, it mentions that a 3rd family
member was exiled to Siberia >from the army via a decree of the Tsar. The
number of the decree is given. The army unit in which the relative was
serving is not. Does anyone know how I can get a copy of this decree?

Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI

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