Hamburg passenger lists #general

Jessica Tropp <jtropp@...>

There have been many questions about Hamburg passenger lists lately,
and the usual reply is to use a local LDS Family History Center to
search the microfilms. However, FINDING the information about the
microfilms is time-consuming, as it is often difficult to find what
you're looking for in the Family History Library catalog. So, I spent
some time on it, and came up with a few simple clicks to bring you to:
1. A description of the Hamburg passenger lists and how to use them
2. An index of the lists with microfilm numbers(there are 489 microfilms!)
so you can order the correct one.

1. Go to:
click on "search" tab at the top
click on "research helps"
click "H"
click on "Hamburg passenger lists"

This gives the research guide that explains how to use the lists.

2.For the lists of microfilms,
Go to
select the "library" tab at the top
select "family history library catalog"
select 'Call number"
type in or paste: 943.515/H1 W3v ( must type it in exactly)

This will bring you to "Auswandererlisten" which is the index to the
lists.The index to the lists is 33 pages.
You can search for it by title"Auswandererlisten"or
by number 11064 in the CD version of the catalog.

I hope this is helpful.

Jessica Tropp
Northampton, MA
ENTE >from Przemysl, Poland
TROPP >from Galicia
GOLDNER >from Romania

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