Re: son (daughter)has father's first name? #general

Joan Zeller <jrzeller@...>

Yes, girls have been named for their deceased mother.

Going through the birth records of Zuentersbach Germany, looking for the
children of my GGgrandmother, I was surprised to discover the birth in
1858 of her daughter with her same first name. I immediately flipped to
the death records, and sure enough, found my GGgrandmother had died 11
days after the birth.

Judith Romney Wegner wrote:
I am now wondering (for the first time!) whether, if a woman dies giving
birth to a daughter who survives, the daughter is named for the mother?
I have never heard this discussed.
Joan Zeller
Rochester, NY

Searching (all in Germany): BARNEY (Ebersheim), EBERT (Kleinbardorf),
FUCHS (Dieburg), FRANK (Willmars), GOLDSCHMIDT (Willmars), GOLDSCHMITT
(Ebersheim), GRUENEBAUM (Zuentersbach), JAKOB (Poppenlauer), HAAS
(Stadecken), HEIMAN (Badenheim), KAHN (Kleinbardorf), MICHEL
(Sorgenloch), NEUMAN (Stadecken), WUNDERLICH (Zuentersbach), ZELLER
(Zuentersbach, Brueckenau)

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