Jewish Communal Register #general

marshall shapiro <mkshapiro@...>

I was able to locate, and inter-library loan through my
local public library, a copy of the Jewish Communal register
1917-1918. I found it to be a great and wonderful source of info.
I do have a few questions for the group-
1) Was there another register published later? 1920? 1921?

2) I didn't see listing for barber's unions. My grandfather,
Jacob Shapiro, was a secretary in the union.
Is there another source for that information?

3) My grandfather, Julius Shapiro, was a member of the butcher's
union and wanted to know if there was another source for that

Maybe I was to overwhelmed by the info to see any of those
listings. I looked in the index and didn't find their names.

Thanks for the help.
Marshall Shapiro

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