Re: INS notations on Ships Passenger List #general


The notations entered on the ships passenger pages under the occupation
column are related to obtaining naturalization papers. What do the
numbers mean ?
for example 2-769948-8-7-40
and 2-915214
from my own experience in researching these kinds of numbers in my own
family, this is what I learned:

The 2 refers to the fact that the papers were submitted in New York.
Other locations have other prefixes (e.g. 8 is Detroit). The second set
of numbers (long series) is the document number. It may be a declaration,
petition, etc. The 3rd number was the date of the document.

Considering the date, and >from personal experience in my own family, most
likely your relative filed a declaration of intent prior to having to
register under the Alien Registration Act. That is what some of my
relatives did, at about the same time, and thereafter became citizens.

Hope this helps.

Carol Kunkis Cohn
Newport Beach, CA

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