Naming after deceased father #general

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I, too, have found--after much confusion--that my g g grandfather was
named after his father who died in New Orleans in the second year of the
marriage leaving a pregnant wife. When the son was born, he was given
his father's name, Abraham. Because there were two Abrahams, it took me
a long time to figure out what happened. I could not relate the date of
his coming to the United States with the age at death of the Abraham I
was checking out in California, although they were both named Abraham
Gradwohl. Finally, a light went on in my head, and I tried to go down
another path to see if there were two people, and, if so, how they were
related. Or, was it just a coincidence that there were two people of
the same name. Abraham I, as I call him died in New Orleans, and
Abraham II showed up in the records in California. After several years
of searching, and much help >from kind Jewishgenners, my mystery got
solved. The widow, Caroline Levy Gradwohl, married a ? Jacobs, and they
came out to CA around 1850 to be with relatives of Abraham I. This all
drove me crazy for a long time, until I finally got it figured out!

Regards, Dee Dee Ross

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