Re: Great Address, perhaps #general


Just to keep you all up to date with the "great address" I had that was to
provide me with information on my great grandparents >from Kirovoghad
(ROSENFIELD and WEITZMAN), I got a certified letter today. It only took 2
months and I rewrote to them stating that I had not heard >from them,
enclosing a copy of my Western Union bill and their sheet. The two
archives I received were letters in Polish stating that "research has not
identified the persons stated in my inquiry. Two reasons why are that
sweeping occupation of Ukraine by Nazi within the years of the was
resulted in documents destroyed and in the course of changes (emigration,
moves, etc) in life the modern spellings of surnames does not comply with
the archives in the Ukraine.

I can understand them billing me for the 39 hours that they researched,
however, I am annoyed that they charged me $14.00 twice, to translate this
standard report that they sent under 2 names. My mother treated me since
it was her grandparents, but I'm furious. A standard form to me is not an
archive and we should not be charged for translating it. The charge for
this entire fiasco was $130.

If anyone wants the address again they crossed out the zip code and
changed it:
Ukraine kiyv, 03146, 22 Zhmerinskya Str. Off 86.
Hope you are more successful than I.
Sherry Kamens
Wayne, NJ

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