Trying to make contact with Argentina families PAIUK, SHTUKER, KOLODNER #general

Roy Ogus <ogus@...>

I'm trying to make contact with the following people, who were
apparently living in Argentina in about 1958:

Barukh and Mordechai PAIUK

Nechama, Avraham, and Moshe SHTUKER

I believe that they may be related to a branch of my family.

These people were listed as the donors of a memorial plaque in the
"Pinkas Me-Hamesh Kehilot Harevot" Yizkor book. This book contains the
names of the people who died in the Holocaust >from five destroyed
communities, including Kartuz-Bereze in Belarus.

The book was published in Buenos Aires in 1958.

The above people were listed as relatives of a family named KOLODNER
who lived in Kartuz-Bereze during the Holocaust, and indicated that
they were living in Argentina at the time of the publication of the

I would appreicate hearing >from anyone who may know how to make contact
with these people or with their families.

Thanks for any help.

Roy Ogus
Palo Alto, California, USA

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