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I just recieved 12 documents >from a historical archive in Bialystok. I
have a list of the document titles in English that I have included below
for the interest of list menbers. Most of the documents are a few pages
long or less. The documents are all in Polish a language in which I have
no ability. I can tell that many Jewish names are mentioned, and already
I have found someone whose very dear 1st cousin is mentioned. These
docuements do not seem to have ever been translated to English. If anyone
on the list happens to have Polish language ability and would be willing
to do some translation please let me know. Here is the list.

1) Testimony of dr Fuks Velia on his and his family's experiences during
the final liquidation of the Bialystok Ghetto.

2) Historical materials collected during a trip to Era 1946, concerning
Jewish resistance movement in the Bialystok ghetto and Jewish partisans
in the Bialystok region.

3) A series of testimonies of Jews who did not turn up at the deportation
and hid in the morning before the final liquidation of the Bialystok
ghetto on 16 August 1943.

4) A testimony

5) A testimony by dr Tobiasz Cytron, a physician >from Bialystok, who
worked in the ghetto hospital during the final liquidation of the
Bialystok ghetto

6) A meeting

7) A failed sortie >from the Ghetto (>from the history of Jewish resistance

8) written by Jozefina Naszaper Modzelewska, born 1910.

9) My experiences during the German occupation

10) A testimony by citizen "P"

11) Jewish sportsmen who were killed in the 11th "action" in the Bialystok

12) A testimony by Meduchowicz Lipa, an inhabitant of Slonim town, [it's
probably a misprint because the following doesn't make sense; however,
I translate as it is] after the liquidation of the Slonim Ghetto he moved
to the Slonim Ghetto, moved to the Bialystok Ghetto - July 1942 - and
lived there at 17, Kupiecka St. Concerning mail outside the ghetto, the
liquidation of the Bialystok ghetto, Jewish partisans in the Bialystok

Best Regards,
Tilford Bartman

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