Seeking Legal Assistance for American Kindertransport Project #general

Iris Posner

Hello everyone. The American Kindertransport Project is an organization
dedicated to documenting the experiences of people who came to the US as
children before and during WWII to escape Nazi persecution, and stayed
with foster families. Our organization has identified almost all 1,000
of these children and is trying to locate them. We are currently
entering this data into a database for the US Holocaust Museum. Our
organization is in need of pro bono legal and accounting assistance to
set up a non-profit foundation to continue this work. We are looking for
people who have legal and accounting skills to help us. Below is more
informtion about us. If you have the legal or accounting experience to
assist please contact us.

American Kindertransport Project
[Priavte address and phone number deleted contact Iris Posner at the
following email address for more information]


Iris Posner, Co-Director Lenore Moskowitz, Co-Director

Background: The documentary, "Into the Arms of Strangers: Stories of
the Kindertransport," and other similar films and related books, have
successfully raised the awareness of the public regarding the plight and
rescue of almost 10,000 unaccompanied children during the Holocaust by
Great Britain. By comparison, there is no such public familiarity with
the experiences of the approximately 1,000 unaccompanied children,
brought by a variety of organizations and individuals to America before
and during World War II, to stay with foster families, relatives or in
schools, in order to escape persecution in Germany and occupied lands.
America's response to the calamity of the Holocaust as it relates to
children, as well as the experiences of the "American Kindertransports,"
and the people who made their escape >from persecution possible, remains
to be widely told. Although several books exist which expressly and in
detail, address this area of American history, there is no documentary
film in existence which does. It is still an untold story of courage and
sacrifice unknown to most Americans.

Mission: The American Kindertransport Project (AKP) is a privately
funded group dedicated to documenting the experiences of American
Kindertransports and the organizations and people who rescued them.
Most members and supporters of AKP lost relatives or friends during
the Holocaust or have friends or family who came to America or other
places as "Kindertransports" or emigres to escape persecution. All are
deeply concerned about the welfare of children and the continuing wars
of genocide that threaten their lives.

Progress: AKP has located and is in communication with a number of
American Kindertransports and obtained the names of most of the 1,000
children >from organizational documents of the time. We are in the
process of trying to establish the whereabouts of those named and/or
their relatives. The Third Party Registry at the U.S. Holocaust Museum
and Memorial is assisting in this effort and we are actively working
with other organizations. Most of those Kindertransports contacted have
agreed to participate in filmed interviews for the purpose of
incorporating that material into a full-length documentary with relevant
archival material. Dr. Judith Baumel, who wrote one of the few books on
this subject, "Unfulfilled Promise," has agreed to be a Technical
Advisor on the Project.

Founders: Iris Posner is a Registered Nurse and holds a B.S. in
Education >from Columbia University, Masters Degree in Public
Administration >from Baruch College and Certificate in Film Production
from New York University. Ms. Posner was a social science researcher at
the National Institute of Mental Health and the Social Security
Administration and a Communications Consultant with several large
corporations. Ms. Posner is also a professional photographer.

Lenore Moskowitz holds a B.S. in Economics >from the University of
Maryland, is an Industry Analyst and has thirty-five years experience as
a researcher and interviewer.

How To Help: The American Kindertransport Project welcomes all those
persons interested in supporting its mission to document the experiences
of American Kindertransports and the people and organizations that
rescued them. Those wanting to help in this effort should contact AKP.
We look forward to hearing >from you.

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