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Dear Genners,

Mr Norman Carp-Gordon wrote:
KARPELES is a possessive form of Karpel,Yiddish diminutive form of Karp,
an eastern orthodox church baptismal name for boys, derived >from the
Greek word karpos, meaning agricultural produce--fruit in its broadest
sense. (Karpos was borrowed by Mishnaic Hebrew, and we use it during the
Passover seder.) >>>>>

I know that also Mr.Alexander Beider in his book "A Dictionary of Jewish
Surnames >from the Kingdom of Poland " on page 239 think that the name
Karpel is >from Greek origin like Mr Norman Carp-Gordon. In my opinion is
the given name Karpel a nickname to Efraim ( also to Nathan according
the "Beit Shemuel"). Why is Karpel a nickname to Efraim ? Karpel is a
small fish, Karpfen in Germany Carp in English Karpion in Hebrew, and in
the blessing of Jaacow in Genesis 48,16 he said to Mennashe and
Efraim: "Va-Ydgu La-Rov Be-Kerev Ha-Aretz " (And let them fishing into a
multitude in the midst of earth).We know that the name Fishel is also a
nickname to Efraim because the connection to fish like Karpel. What Mr
Norman Carp-Gordon mean with the suggestion that the name get out >from the
Greek word Karpos that meaning agricultural produce--fruit ,is very
interest for me. In the Bible in book Hoshea 9 ,16 is written: "Efraim is
smitten, their root is dried up, the shall bear no fruit" Fruit in Hebrew
is Pry (Pe - Resh - Yud ). In another place in Hoshea 14,9 is
written: ">from me is you fruit found " in Hebrew Pyrjecha (Pe - Resh -
Yud - Kaf sofit). All the letters of fruit in Hebrew Pe - Resh - Yud we
find in the name Efraim (alef - PE - RESH - YUD - mem sofit). Perhaps is
the Greek word Karpos ,if it is fruit (I don't know Greek) a translation
from the Hebrew. Perhaps one of our members can look into the Septtuagina
if he have and check the translating of Efraim or Fruit >from the Hebrew to
the Greek.

It is correct that Karpel's mean the son of Karpel.

Best regards
Ury Link

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