40th anniversary Grodno's Workman Circle 1947 YIVO Landsmanshaften #belarus


Please see how these names were accumulated. It would be far too bourgeois to
place all the names on a list. After all, the workman's circle pays homage to
socialism and the use of a name list violates the ethics of the
brotherhood.They didn't want us to Xerox a name list and make life simple. So
they had the brotherhood buy space in the program to finance the cost of the
publication and maybe to have a few dollars left over to make payments to
ailing members.

40th Anniversary Grodno NYC Workmans Circle subscribers

Yale Wichik
Sol Rivkin
Wm Rose
Fannie Feinel
Louis Heglofsky
Isidore Rose
Goldy Rose
M Schmuckler
J Sheskin
Louis Zatz
S Isaacs
A Menes
S Tartacky
Lena Cohen
Anna Kaplan
Rose Lesker
Rose Leaf
Rose Mogil
M&M Jack Ratiner
Nathan Gotkin
M&M Jack Peckover
A Forer
M&M Louis Dwang
M&M John Dryshgel
Shirley Green
M&M H Friedberg
Adolph Simon
Dr & Mrs M R Levin
M&M David Turansky
Miriam & Wm Boyarsky
M&M Hyman Ginsburg
M&M Paul Buchler
H Pollack and son
M&M Sol Socol
M&M Irving Goldsmith
M&M Abraham Kulick
Nathan Lutenberg
M&M Harry Kaplan
M&M Samuel Sobel
M&M Isidor L Rich
M&M Sam Flinke
M&M Elias Otto
M&M Julius Langbort
M&M Sam Lourie

To be continued; Please address your questions to me via e-mail and not to
this network.

Jerome Seligsohn

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