Henry LEVY (Seaman) & Dunbar Wreck, 1857 - Look up Request (PRO,London) #general

Terry Newman <tnewman@...>

Dear JewishGenners

Would there be a searcher familiar with the merchant shipping records, held
by the Public Records Office in London, able to do a look up for me?

I'm seeking confirmation of the service record, or any other information
shown, for the following:

It appears that my great grandfather's brother, Henry LEVY, was a young sea
man aboard the sailing ship "Dunbar", that was tragically wrecked near the
Sydney Heads (NSW, Australia) on the 20th August, 1857. The ship had sailed
from England a few months previously, carrying passengers and crew,
recorded at the time of the wreck, as being 122. There was only one
survivor, a 21-year old sea man, who was able to cling to cliffs until

The survivor told the coronial inquest that "H Levey, sea man", was one of
many whose bodies were not recovered.

There was no funeral for Henry Levy in Sydney, as there were for some other
Jewish passengers who lost their lives, nor any known obituary notice in
the Sydney papers or London's "Jewish Chronicle". It seems that no one
in Sydney's Jewish community had been aware of this Jewish sailor on
board. The last-named newspaper, in its report of the tragedy, speaks of a
"Mr Levine" as being one of those drowned; probably a confusion of Levine
with Levy.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

Terry Newman
Sydney, Australia

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