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Ellen Zyroff <ezyroff@...>

My great aunt Ida was Chaiah/Haiah in Hebrew. She was called by family
"Chaikeh," and even more informally as "Chaikie." Perhaps the English
tranliteratied "Chaikie" was turned into your relative's anglicized name

Ellen Zyroff
San Diego, CA

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Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 12:25:36 -0700

Hello everyone,
I read about the name of Ida >from Ida Selavan Schwarcz who said her
Hebrew name was Haya. I sent a copy of her message to my cousin whose
mother, my aunt, was named Ida and then changed it to Idell.
He wrote me back that it was interesting however his mother's name was
Chicki. He was not sure if that was spelled correctly however that is
how it sounded. Has anyone ever heard of a Hebrew name sounding like
Chicki? And giving the girl the name of Ida?
Thanks to all.

Myra Davis, Tucson, AZ

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