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Julian Peerutin <JulianP@...>


Thanks to this index I have found the first record that recognizes my
surname (which is quite unique). However the area that this person comes
from is not a recognized name that I understand my family came from.
I tried looking trough the Shtetlseeker but came up with lots of names that
I couldn't really claim to be the one.
Can any help me and tell me where this place is and what it is called today.
Gubernia: Vitebsk
District: Rezhitsa
Town: Rezhitsa


Julian Peerutin

Researching LEVIN - Rokiskis/Kupiskis, Lithuania and South Africa
CINDEL - Lithuania
WELLER - Lithuania
KALMEK - Lithuania; Israel and South Africa
DRUKER - Latvia; Israel and South Africa
PEERUTIN/PIRUTIN - Latvia; Belarus; Israel and South Africa
PICK - Lithuania and South Africa
DIAMOND - Lithuania and South Africa
LEVINSOHN - Courland,Latvia and South Africa
LEVENBERG - Latvia and South Africa
PENN - Latvia

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