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Tilford Bartman <bartmant@...>


I have a copy of a historical document sent to me >from Poland which lists
"Jewish sportsman who were killed in the 11th action in the Bialystok Ghetto".
Many were Maccabi athletes. One of those listed is Luba Subotnik. I have
found that she is the grand daughter of Rabbi Avraham Akiva Subotnik. He
was Rabbi in Zabludow Poland >from 1904-24. Her first cousin Mina is one of
my principal contacts regarding my research into Zabludow, and also the
former best childhood friend of my 2ond cousin in Zabludow Hana Lopata who
was murdered somewhre unknown in the holocaust. Mina lives on Kibbutz
Ma'abarrot. Her mother was Rabbi Subotniks daughter. I have given her a
copy of this document. She tells me that Luba Subotnik's father was
murdered in June of 1941 in the Bialystok Great Synagogue fire, which I
know was set by the German Military Police Battalion 309 under the command
of Major Weis on June 27th 1941.

I am pretty familiar with the history of the Bialystok Ghetto and the many
German "actions" there. Sometimes they go by different names. Does anyone
know what the "11th Action" refers to? I don't have this brief one page
document translated >from Polish yet, but the Jewish names are not hard to
figure out.

Best Regards to Everyone,

Tilford Bartman

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