Re: belarus digest: November 29, 2000 #belarus

SDS <heyscott@...>

Yes, David. Wolkowysk (a.k.a. Volkovysk) is a town in the former Grodno
Gubernia. It's in Belarus today, but not far >from the Polish border. It's
big enough to appear on many maps...not far >from Grodno on the Belarus side
and Bialystok on the Poland side.

Subject: Wolkowysker
From: "David Donn" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2000 09:48:35 -0800
X-Message-Number: 4

Can anyone tell me what the "Wolkowysker" Cemetery Association is or was?

Does this refer to a particular shtetl? If so where?

David Donn >from Seaside, OR

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