Re: U.S. Patent Holder #general

Hubert E. Dubb <hdubb@...>

If you go the the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) at:
you will be able to enter their Searchable Database link and call up the
entire patent text on screen. You can also get a copy of the patent for
$3.00 as an attachment to an email and open it with an Adobe Reader (free
download.) The ordered copy will include the drawings.

Hugh Dubb

Sherri Bobish wrote:

Some weeks ago, while doing a web search for my highly unusual maiden name,
I came upon someone who had received a U.S. patent in 1972. However, when
I tried to enter the web site for more info I could not get in.

I looked for it again today, and that web site appears to have disappeared.
Would anyone know if there is any way to get more information on a patent
if one only knows the person's name and the year the patent was taken out?

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