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Today I found a relative in the California Death Index.
I then checked the on-line Social Security Death Index, and he did not
The CA Death Records Index covers the period 1940-1997.
The SSDI includes few deaths prior to 1965.
Did your relative die between 1940 and 1965?
Besides one's death, there is another thing that has to happen in
order to get one into the Social Security Death Index: Somebody has to
notify the Social Security Administration and to make a claim for
survivors benefits. No claim, no listing. That, anyway, is what it
says on the SSDI website. And if that is true, then it isn't actually
a death index, but a claims index. In other words, one can't expect to
find in the SSDI persons who did not leave beneficiaries behind, or
those e.g. so estranged >from their families that their death was not
known to the potential beneficiaries, or those whose beneficiaries
failed for any reason to file the required claim.

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