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Vicky Ferraresi <vickyfer@...>

The following was posted in reply to my suggestion that the original
question about the Bevis Mark Records be posted to GerSIG as well as JewishGen...

"A comment on the following:

"What are the Bevis Mark Records for London?

P.S. You should probably post this query to GerSIG also."

Bevis Marks records are the records of the Sephardic Jewish congregation in
London. GerSIG is inappropriate, Jewishgen is not.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY"

I disagree. If one refers back to the original posting regarding the
Bevis Mark Records, it was concerning if there was an equivalent in
Berlin. A question about Berlin is a question about Germany, and ought
to be posted on GerSIG as well as JewishGen. My question was to find
out what the Bevis Mark Records were so I could tell if I had seen an

Questions about Germany are rightly referred to GerSIG.

Vicky Furstenberg Ferraresi
Belmont, CA

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