Re: CA Death index vs. Social Security Death Index? #general

Herb <herbiem@...>

The SSDI is not a claims index related to survivor benefits. It is a
list of people who have received benefits and are deceased. If no one
notifies the Social Security Admin of a death, the checks may continue
to flow. Perhaps the confusion is that people in order to begin
receiving benefits upon reaching the eligible age or become entitled for
other reasons have to submit a claim to the Soc Sec. Admin. The term
beneficiary frequently refers to the person who was paying social
security taxes and is entitled to benefits .

Herb Meyers
Boulder, Colorado

Besides one's death, there is another thing that has to happen in
order to get one into the Social Security Death Index: Somebody has to
notify the Social Security Administration and to make a claim for
survivors benefits. No claim, no listing. That, anyway, is what it
says on the SSDI website. And if that is true, then it isn't actually
a death index, but a claims index. In other words, one can't expect to
find in the SSDI persons who did not leave beneficiaries behind, or

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