Re: Bevis Marks #general

Jan Bousse <boussejan@...>

Vicky Ferraresi <vickyfer@...> wrote:
I disagree. If one refers back to the original posting regarding the
Bevis Mark Records, it was concerning if there was an equivalent in
Berlin. A question about Berlin is a question about Germany, and
ought to be posted on GerSIG as well as JewishGen.
Questions about Germany are rightly referred to GerSIG.
Dear all,

What is GerSIG and how do I get in touch with it? I often do research in
Germany, Jewish and other. I follow two newsgroups: fido.ger.genealogy
and soc.genealogy.german, but I don't know GerSIG. Please enlighten me.

Jan Bousse

MODERATOR NOTE: This information can be found in the
JewishGen FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") document:, in the
"Special Interest Groups" section, which contains links
to all regional SIGs.

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