Re: Child Traveling Alone #general

Cyndee Meystel <cmeys@...>

I am aware of one instance in our family of a 13-year old traveling alone.
The mother and a number of children had been sent for by the father who had
come earlier, but this child had been rejected by immigration authorities
(or perhaps emigration authorities -- I'm not certain) because he had
tracoma. Once the infection was cleared up, he followed on his own.

Cyndee Meystel
Chicago, IL

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"cpspier" <> wrote in message

According to family myth, one of our forebears travelled, alone, from
Amsterdam at the age of 9, about 1825. I have never been able to find
out exactly why her (apparently relatively prosperous) parents left her
behind and then sent for her some unknown time later -- though I have
been told that it was not uncommon.

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