Re: Possible Mailing lists #general

Samuel D. Bieber <sdbieber@...>

Heres a couple to try, but they may or not be Jewish. -
Follow the links for mailing lists also separate links for Forums. There
are also countless independent mailing lists based on the surname that you
are searching. Some of these have proven to provide valuable contacts and
I've already come across 3 different people that we are 70% to 80% sure
that we share a family link. Besides the relatives, the search tips and
techniques are almost as priceless. If your Surname's) are not listed, you
have the option of starting your very own list. This could a good thing
but ask me again in 3 months or so, because I just adapted a surname list
that wasn't being maintained (no moderator) and I'm thinking of starting
one. also has 2 email newsletters called Rootsweb Review and
another Missing Links.

Theres also some decent Forums and/or Clubs though both MSN and Yahoo!
Some are Jewish related and some are pot luck in nature. All are free and
suggest you take a surf or 2 though those. On Yahoo! I'd personally

Genealogy-Chat-Friend Mailing List/Club goto:

Also on Yahoo!: Checkout these User Clubs:

Good Luck!!!!
Samuel D Bieber
Wheeling, IL USA

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